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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Music Production [2050]

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Associate in Science Degree

(60 Credit Hours)

Program Manager

Pete Carney

Program Goal

This program prepares students for work in the field of music production, live sound reinforcement, digital music, virtual media, and other related fields. Through this program, students may gain experience in a variety of positions including recording engineer, music producer, broadcast technician, event coordinator or work in booking and promotion, live sound production, tour production, and audio/video post-production.  Students will have the opportunity to study studio and live sound techniques, post-production and MIDI, as well as foundational musicianship. Students will develop technical skills and aesthetic judgment to handle the technical, artistic, and business demands of music and sound production in live, recorded, and virtual markets of the industry.

This program may appeal to a wide scope of students interested in careers in the music industry. It is not dependent on a specific genre of music for coursework.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficient music instrument skills that meet music studio knowledge expectations in the professional workforce.
  • Create music or sound as a prompted response to market demands in advertising, film, podcasting, music video, video games, or live stage.
  • Demonstrate and apply detailed listening skills drawn from historical precedents in music.
  • Create a portfolio of music compositions for multiple fields using professional music production standards in formal structure, audio mixing, sound quality, and aesthetics.
  • Apply professional standards in studio conduct, collaboration, microphone placement, music notation, signal flow, acoustics, and equipment management towards the successful completion of a creative project.
  • Apply critical thinking, planning, budgeting, and evaluation to the production process for live, virtual, and recorded music projects.
  • Demonstrate technical acoustic knowledge and common work practices required for employment in various music production related fields.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of copyright, music clearance, and contracts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of employability and management skills including interview, resume, cover letter, portfolio development, Gantt chart, and work habits.
  • Identify the benefits and risks of entrepreneurship and small business management.

Program Entrance Requirements

Acceptance and admission to State College of Florida is required. Students with little music experience may be required to take MUT 1001  Fundamentals of Music before being admitted into the degree program.

General Education Courses

Subtotal Credit Hours: 15

Subtotal Credit Hours: 33

Applied Prep and/or Applied Lessons

Any instrument or voice offered by SCF for applied lesson instruction may be studied in this degree path. Students may study any instrument/voice for a completion of 4 credits in applied or applied prep lessons, including the option of taking applied music composition for 2 credits towards the completion of 4 credit hours total.

  • Choose Two of any of the following: MUC, MVB, MVK, MVP, MVS, MVV, or MVW

Subtotal Credit Hours: 4

Ensemble Electives

Ensembles may be taken for 0-3 credit hours, students enrolled in the A.S. in Music Production degree must complete two semesters for a total of at least 2 credits towards ensembles.

Subtotal Credit Hours: 2

Recital Hour

Participation in Recital Hour each Semester (repeat 2x total)

Program Electives

Subtotal Credit Hours: 6

Total Credit Hours: 60


There are no specific skills needed to participate in the program, though grade minimum of “C” in all classes will be required to advance in the course pathway towards the successful completion of the degree.

Degree Pathway

Required Courses and recommended Sequence: The following is a recommended sequence of courses for completing this program. Developmental courses and prerequisite course requirements, credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress. Course availability within the program sequences is specifically intended for full-time students who begin their course work with the fall semester. Students should always consult their online degree planner for the catalog year that they entered the college, and contact their program manager to better understand typical course availability and individual program planning.

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