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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biotechnology [2042]

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Associate in Science Degree

(61 Credit Hours)

Program Manager

Dr. Matthew Thomas

Program Goal:

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as technicians who will work in a laboratory or industrial setting. Biotechnology is a wide-ranging field encompassing DNA/RNA and protein isolation, characterization and sequencing; cell culture; genetic modification of organisms; toxicology; vaccine sterility testing; antibody isolation and production; and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents. This hands-on program is designed to meet local, statewide and national needs for laboratory technicians. Graduates are grounded thoroughly in basic laboratory skills and trained in advanced molecular biology techniques. Students are acclimated to both research and industrial environments. The program emphasizes laboratory-based, universal and scalable technician skills resulting in a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the methodology.

Potential workplace environments for graduating students include laboratories specializing in: food safety; environmental quality control; the production of new medicines; forensics; alternative fuels; bio-manufacturing; and industry, academic and government research.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate communication skills.
  • Demonstrate safety skills.
  • Demonstrate basic laboratory skills.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • Demonstrate appropriate decision making and problem-solving techniques.
  • Demonstrate specific laboratory skills.
  • Demonstrate quality assurance/control.
  • Maintain facility and equipment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and proper care/use of test animals/plants. (optional)
  • Demonstrate skills in bioinformatics. (optional)

General Education Courses

Subtotal Credit Hours: 17

Academic Required Classes

Subtotal Credit Hours: 20

Program Specialization Courses

Please consult the course description section of the Catalog for any prerequisites. Please contact program manager for recommended course sequence.

Subtotal Credit Hours: 24

Total Credit Hours: 61


** A grade of “C” or better must be attained for all courses taken for this degree.

Degree Pathway

Required Courses and recommended Sequence: The following is a recommended sequence of courses for completing this program. Developmental courses and prerequisite course requirements, credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress. Course availability within the program sequences is specifically intended for full-time students who begin their course work with the fall semester. Students should always consult their online degree planner for the catalog year that they entered the college, and contact their program manager to better understand typical course availability and individual program planning.

Please follow link to:  http://www.scf.edu/Academics/degree-pathways.asp

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