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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Supervision and Management- (8020)

Bachelor of Applied Science

(120 Credit Hours)

Program Director

Dr. Mara Casado, Co-Director
941-752-5482 Bradenton
941-408-1300, ext. 65482 Venice

Dr. Amy Santos, Co-Director
941-752-5511 Bradenton
941-408-1300, ext. 65511 Venice

Program Description and Goal

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Supervision and Management prepares individuals for supervisory and management roles and positions in private, governmental, and nonprofit organizations.  This program will focus on developing the potential of students in the dynamic and competitive global environment by providing meaningful learning experiences and effective instructor-student interactions.  The BAS Program uses a 2 + 2 model that requires the completion of an Associate Degree or 60 credits from a 2-year, 4-year college or university prior to entry.  The curriculum emphasizes a practical hands-on approach to understanding supervision and management in various settings, and to meet workforce demands.  The core curriculum requirements build the foundation and knowledge of supervision and management along with coursework in a selected concentration:  Supervision and Management, International Business and Trade, or Technology Management.

A minimum of C or better must be achieved in all upper division courses.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate effective communications that integrate decision-making and analytic thinking skills.
  2. Identify and apply concepts, theories, and models for diversity and cultural awareness to managerial decisions.
  3. Incorporate and apply concepts, theories, and models of risk and risk management to achieve goals and objectives in a supervisory and management-related context.
  4. Identify and apply concepts, theories, and models of organizational behavior.
  5. Integrate information systems and information security into a managerial-specific context.
  6. Demonstrate and apply legal and ethical concepts and models in supervisory and management situations.
  7. Apply human resource methods and concepts that are consistent with community, industry, and organizational standards, policies, and procedures.
  8. Conduct research and prepare reports and analyses that lead to evidence-based decisions.
  9. Integrate operational and supply chain management processes in the context of major organizational functions.
  10. Demonstrate knowledge of strategic management concepts and methods that include analysis, formulation, and implementation to achieve competitive advantage.
  11. Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to the concentrations available under this degree by completing a Capstone Project, Internship or Practicum and obtaining available certifications.


Admissions Requirements

• An Associate in Science Degree; or,
• An Associate in Arts Degree; or,
• 60 College Credits
• 2.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0;


• ACG 2021- Principles of Financial Accounting
• ACG 2071- Principles of Managerial Accounting
• CGS 1000- Computer Information Systems
• ECO 2013- Principles of Macroeconomics
• ECO 2023- Principles of Microeconomics
• STA 2033- Elementary Statistics
• MAC2233- Applied Calculus

*Students without these courses will be required to complete this requirement as part of the BAS Curriculum.

Total Core Credit Hours: 21

Total Credit Hours: 27

Supervision and Management Electives

Select four courses (12 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours: 12

Total Credit Hours: 24

Technology Management Electives

Select five courses (15 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours: 15

Total Credit Hours: 30

International Business and Trade Electives

Select three courses (9 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours: 9