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Digital Publishing [3030]


(18 Credit Hours)

NOTE: Federal Financial Aid Eligibility Pending

Program Manager

Matthew Masucci
941-408-1500 Venice
941-752-5000, ext. 61500 Bradenton

The purpose of this program is to prepare students with hands-on training in new media and digital publications. This program focuses on the skills necessary to work on print and digital publications, work in social media and digital marketing, or work in layout, design, and editing fields. The skills in this program are transferable to both local and national level publications. This program includes editing, programming, and graphic design courses.

Program Goals

Upon completion, students will demonstrate the fundamental skills of the writing process for varied mass media and new media communication platforms. As well as appropriate analytical technical analytical and evaluative skills for new media creation, delivery, and social impact.


Core Requirements

Course NameCredit HoursTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
CGS 2820C - Web Page Development (3 Credit Hours)
CRW 2001 - Creative Writing I (3 Credit Hours)
GRA 1100C - Introduction to Computer Graphics (3 Credit Hours)
JOU 1440L - College Magazine Production I (3 credit format only) (1 to 3 variable Credit Hours)


Choice of two (6 Credit) courses

GRA 1206C - Typography (3 Credit Hours)
GRA 2121C - Communication Design (3 Credit Hours)
GRA 2150C - Photoshop (3 Credit Hours)
ENC 2210 - Technical Communication (3 Credit Hours)
JOU 1441L - College Magazine Production II (3 credit format only) (1 to 3 variable Credit Hours)
MMC 2949 - Internship in Mass Communications (3 Credit Hours)
PGY 1800C - Digital Imaging I (3 Credit Hours)

Total Credit Hours: 18


The entirety of this program can be completed at the Venice Campus and is open to all students.

Credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress.

Additionally, students completing this program could use some of these courses to complete a certificate in Graphic Design Technology, effectively earning two certificates by taking 27 credits instead of 36 (if both certificates were taken separately).

Gainful employment information about this certificate is available at