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Biotechnology Specialist [3028]


(19 Credit Hours)

NOTE: Federal Financial Aid Eligibility Pending

Program Director

Dr.  Matthew Thomas, Director
941-752-5624 Bradenton
941-408-1300, ext. 65624 Venice

This certificate designed to prepare students for employment as technicians who will work in a research laboratory or industrial setting.  The coursework will apply toward the A.S. Biotechnology program [2042]. This hands-on program is designed to provide students with entry level skills for a number of common laboratory techniques encountered in research and industrial settings

Program Goal:

Specific Goals of the Certificate are: 

  • Demonstrate communication skills
  • Demonstrate safety skills
  • Demonstrate basic laboratory skills
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Demonstrate appropriate decision making and problem solving techniques
  • Demonstrate specific Laboratory skills
  • Demonstrate quality assurance/control
  • Maintain facility and equipment. 


General Education Courses

Course NameCredit HoursTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
BSC 2010C - Fundamentals of Biology I (5 Credit Hours)
CHM 2045C - General Chemistry I (5 Credit Hours)

Subtotal Credit Hours: 10

Program Specialization Courses

Complete two of the three (4 credit hours) courses

Course NameCredit HoursTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
BSC 2420C - Introduction to Biotechnology Methods (4 Credit Hours)
BSC 2426C - Biotechnology Methods I (4 Credit Hours)
BSC 2427C - Biotechnology Methods II (4 Credit Hours)


Complete one of the three (1 credit hour) courses

BSC 1421 - Introduction to Biotechnology (1 Credit Hour)
BSC 2930 - Special Topics in Bioscience (1 credit hour) only (1 to 4 variable Credit Hours)
MCB 2910L - Directed Independent Research (1-3 Credit Hours)

Subtotal Credit Hours: 9

Total Credit Hours: 19


This program will require some or all classes to be taken at one campus location. Contact the program director for specific details.

Credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress.

Gainful employment information about this certificate is available at