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Live Event Media Production [3024]


(24 Credit Hours)

NOTE: Federal Financial Aid Eligibility Pending

Program Manager

Del Jacobs
941-752-5251 Bradenton
941-408-1300, ext. 65251 Venice

This certificate is designed to prepare students for entry level employment within the audio visual technology and communication career cluster. This coursework will apply toward the A.S. Digital Cinema degree [2031].

Program Goal

The purpose of the Live Event Media Production certificate is to provide hands-on training to individuals who are interested in becoming camera operators for television, video, or internet production events. This program focuses on broad transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the following elements of the television video and internet/webcast industries: working as part of a team, safe and efficient work practices, use of lighting equipment, operation of video camera, set-up and use of audio recording equipment, operation of control room equipment, and organization and editing of video resources.


Program Requirements

Course NameCredit HoursTerm TakenGradeGen Ed

Suggested Courses for First Term:

FIL 1000 - Introduction to Film and Television (3 Credit Hours)
RTV 1510 - Basic Television Production (3 Credit Hours)
PGY 1750 - Creative Videomaking (3 Credit Hours)
FIL 1537 - Audio Design (3 Credit Hours)


Suggested Courses for Second Term:

RTV 1530 - Electronic Field Production I (3 Credit Hours)
FIL 2571 - Post-production Workshop (3 Credit Hours)
DIG 2000 - Media Interpretation and Adaptation (3 Credit Hours)
FIL 2949 - Internship in Film/Video (3 Credit Hours)

Total Credit Hours: 24


Credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress.

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