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Radiography, ARRT Articulated [2041]

Associate in Science Degree

(60 Credit Hours)

Program Director

Patrick Patterson
941-752-5245 Bradenton
941-408-1300, ext. 6245 Venice

Program Goal

To enable students who have graduated from a hospital-based radiography program and currently are registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) to acquire an Associate in Science in Radiography.

Program Entrance Requirements

In addition to the general education requirements of the College, the student must:

  1. Present a copy of a current ARRT certification to the associate vice president of corporate and community development.
  2. Complete 32 semester hours of general academic courses listed below with a grade of “C” or better.

General Academic Courses**

Course NameCredit HoursTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENC 1101 - Written Communication I (3 Credit Hours)
REA 1105 - Critical Reading Techniques (3 Credit Hours)
  • Mathematics Choose from Area II, A.S. (3 Credit Hours)
  • PSY 2012 - General Psychology (3 Credit Hours)


    INP 1390 - Human Relations OR (3 Credit Hours)
    SYG 2000 - Principles of Sociology (3 Credit Hours)


  • Humanities Choose from Area IV, A.A.S. (3 Credit Hours)
  • PHI 2600 - Applied Ethics (3 Credit Hours)
  • Elective Any course with CGS, CDA, CET, CIS prefix (3 Credit Hours)
  • BSC 2085C - Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Credit Hours)
    BSC 2085L - Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory (0 Credit Hours)
    BSC 2086C - Anatomy and Physiology II (4 Credit Hours)
    BSC 2086L - Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory (0 Credit Hours)
  • Radiography ARRT Certificate (28 Credit Hours)
  • Total Credit Hours: 60


    ** A grade of “C” or better must be attained for all courses taken for this degree.