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Construction Management Technology Articulated [1739]

Associate in Science Degree

(66 Credit Hours)

Program Director

John Montoya
941-752-5000, ext. 61417 Bradenton
941-408-1417 Venice

Program Goal

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as construction project managers, project estimators, superintendents, schedulers and/or construction purchasing agents. The focus of the program is to provide students with broad transferrable skills, understanding and demonstration of the basic elements of construction management including: planning; basic principles of business, management and finance; the technical aspects of the construction industry; materials and methods; reading blueprints; estimating quantities of materials; procuring materials; scheduling and working in a general construction environment.

The program articulates with the Everglades University Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in construction management.

General Academic Courses

Course NameCredit HoursTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ENC 1101 - Written Communication I (3 Credit Hours)
ENC 1102 - Written Communication II (3 Credit Hours)
CGS 1000 - Computer Information Systems (3 Credit Hours)
SPC 1608 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication (3 Credit Hours)
MAC 1105 - College Algebra (3 Credit Hours)
MGF 1107 - Liberal Arts Mathematics (3 Credit Hours)
ECO 2013 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3 Credit Hours)
  • Behav. Sci. Choose from Area III, A.S. (6 Credit Hours)
  • Humanities Choose from Area IV, A.S. (3 Credit Hours)
  • Natural Sci., Choose from Area V, A.S. (3 Credit Hours)
  • Subtotal Credit Hours: 33

    Program Specialization Courses

    Course NameCredit HoursTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
    BCN 1251C - Construction Drafting (4 Credit Hours)
    BCN 2230 - Building Construction Materials and Methods (4 Credit Hours)
    BCT 2760 - Building Codes and Specifications (3 Credit Hours)
    BCT 2770 - Building Construction Estimating (3 Credit Hours)
    EET 1084C - Introduction to Electronics (3 Credit Hours)
    ETD 1320C - Introduction to Auto CAD (3 Credit Hours)
    ETI 2441 - Project Management (3 Credit Hours)
    FIN 2001 - Financial Management (3 Credit Hours)
    MAN 2021 - Principles of Management and Organization (3 Credit Hours)
    SUR 2101C - Topographic Drafting and Survey (4 Credit Hours)

    Subtotal Credit Hours: 33

    Total Credit Hours: 66


    This program will require some classes to be taken at one campus location. Contact the program director for specific details.

    Articulated credit from a technical institute/secondary school may be applicable. Contact the SCF associate vice president of corporate and community development for more information.