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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NUR 2703C - Nursing Transition

(10 Credit Hours)

This course provides six hours of lecture, three hour of learning lab and nine hours of clinical experience per week. Prerequisites: Completion of an LPN Program, currently holds an unencumbered, unrestricted license as an LPN in the State of Florida, and meeting the minimum scores required on the nurse entrance exam. 

Corequisites: Concurrent enrollment in NUR 2703L . This course is designed for the licensed practical nurse (LPN) who wishes to advance into the registered nurse (RN) role.  The LPN’s knowledge and previously learned skills are assessed and validated during the first two to three weeks of the beginning of the course.  Content areas and skills covered in NUR 1023C  and NUR 1730C  are supplemental within the course, learning lab and clinical experiences.  Emphasis is placed on the transition from the LPN to the RN role. Upon successful completion of NUR 2703C and the ASN Program, advanced placement credit will be awarded in lieu of NUR 1023C  , NUR 1023L   , NUR 1730C  and NUR 1730L  Additional special fee is required.

This course is designed to further develop the concepts within the three domains of the individual, nursing and healthcare.  Concepts related to the individual include: acid base balance, cognition, comfort, culture, diversity, elimination, family,  fluid & electrolytes, grief & loss, health, wellness and illness, infection, mobility, oxygenation, perfusion, inflammation, tissue integrity, self, sensory/perception, spiritual, stress/coping, and thermoregulation.  Concepts related to nursing include assessment, caring intervention, clinical decision, collaboration, communication, managing care, teaching and learning.  Concepts related to healthcare include: accountability, advocacy, ethics, evidence-based practice, health care systems, health policy, informatics, legal issues, quality improvement, and safety. Additional special fee is required. Note(s): For nursing majors only.

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